Ovlov Have Officially Broken Up


Connecticut-based band Ovlov just announced on their Facebook page that they are breaking up. Really.

On the post, they wrote that “like the last season of Degrassi” they too are putting an end to their limited run. They will still be playing shows on July 11 and August 17-20, although almost all of them are sold out since the band has been riding high since the success of their 2013 LP am. We’ll be busy listening to that and their recent split with Little Big League on repeat as we cry for the remainder of this week (if not month).

It’s been a good ride. See the full breakup message below: 

hey friends more news for you
we are not going to be a band anymore
i am spinner and ovlov now is like the last season of degrassi
“who are all these people and why is spinner the only remaining character”
if you would like to see us play one last time you can catch us at blessed states release show on july 11 in holyoke Ma
we are still playing those shows with basement august 17-20 though i believe they are sold out

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