Eminem Banned From Hyde Park for “Offensive” and “Unsuitable” Lyrics


Longtime rapper Eminem had agreed terms with Barclaycard British Summer Time promoters AEG, but a Freedom Of Information request by The Daily Mirror shows the agreement was vetoed by Royal Parks, the body that runs Hyde Park, because they feared his lyrics could upset other park users. The result? He’s banned from playing a day festival in Hyde Park due to his lyrics being deemed “offensive” and “unsuitable.” Yes, this is the same guy who melted hearts with his “Headlights” Mothers’ Day music video.

Just last month, Eminem was saying he was under the impression he could make it happen. “I heard that I wasn’t going to be approved to play in Hyde Park and it made me even more excited to play in London this summer. The easiest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it. Thanks to the Royal Parks for making it all possible… for Wembley.”

“This artist flagged risks across the board, in particular in respect of our public reputation,” Royal Parks CEO Linda Lennon wrote in an email. “The nature of any act with potential for lyrics to be deemed offensive and/or unsuitable language being audible within the park as a whole, let alone the surrounding residential areas, is unacceptable.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson was asked to overturn the decision but refused to get involved because he didn’t know who Eminem was and said it wasn’t their decision to make. So while Black Sabbath, The Libertines, Neil Young, Arcade Fire, and Jake Bugg are playing the festival when it begins on July 3, Eminem will be over at Wembley Stadium on July 11 and 12. At least show the will go on, just on different turf.

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  • El Flamenco

    Hilarious that bureacrats waste their time analysing his lyrics. As if people in the wherabouts of that festival would actively listen to the lyrics while Eminem is buzzing trough the air. The whole story is pure middle finger material, or let’s give em the local two finger gesture, you know… hook those noses :D