Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations) Launches Collect Records

collect records

Geoff Rickly just can’t sit still.

Following the bombastic debut of United Nations earlier this month, this morning, the former Thursday frontman revealed his latest undertaking in the form of Collect Records, a Brooklyn-based label which will celebrate its official launch this week. “A Brief Introduction to Collect Records” can be found after the break.

“The chance to empower other musicians to follow their dreams has been totally revitalizing for me,” said Rickly. “Most of the people here at Collect have played in bands, toured, and worked tirelessly because they love music past any reasonable point. So if the mission of Collect is to give great records a supportive home, then we all know what that means. And it means a lot to us.”

Presently, the label’s roster includes Black Clouds, Vanishing Life, and Sick Feeling, all of whom are slated to release full-length records over the course of the next year. Additionally, Collect will be announcing a new signing this coming Monday, June 30, on the ‘BBC Radio 1 Rock Show,’ which, according to an official press release, will “mark a new era for both this artist an label alike.”

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