Masked Intruder Presents: ‘Mugshots & Masks: Part 1’

Masked Intruder Feature Photo Part 1

What does Masked Intruder think of the criminal mischief of Justin Bieber and Coolio? Can anyone help the blue intruder get in touch with Lindsay Lohan?

Last week, UTG TV got the chance to sit down and hang out with the colors of Masked Intruder before their set in New York City. Prior to taking the stage to a crowded basement at Webster Hall, the guys spoke with us about their current tour, the release of their new record MI and their upcoming tour with The Queers and The Dwarves.

Instead of doing a traditional interview, I decided to grab a mask for myself and become an official Masked Intruder Accomplice. After chatting for a few minutes, I let the guys take over to play a game we coined Mugshots and Masks.

Today we are premiering the first installment, which includes the band reviewing the credibility of celebrities’ criminal activity. They decide whether or not they approve of the culprit, the quality of their crime, and if they deserved to have been locked up in the first place.

Check below to see this exclusive feature, ‘Part 1: Mugshots.’ Keep an eye out for the upcoming second installment, ‘Part 2: Masks,’ where the guys review the various faces of pop culture.

Produced by: Derek Scancarelli


Derek Scancarelli

Derek Scancarelli is a feature writer, interviewer, videographer, photographer, radio-er and more. In 2015, he received his MA in Journalism in New York City. In addition to Under The Gun Review, Derek has worked with Noisey (VICE), Alternative Press, New Noise Magazine and many more. He also pushes some buttons at SiriusXM.

Comedian Jim Norton once called him a serial killer on national radio. Enjoy the internet with him on Twitter.
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  • notionless

    these guys are amazing!

  • Derek – UTG Review

    Part 2 coming soon!

  • notionless

    yup I read that. Can’t wait to watch part 2! Was at this show too! This interview is pretty hysterical with the mugshots lol. A little long though it’s kinda obvious they thought so too they started grabbing at random things to say hah

  • Derek – UTG Review

    I’m bringing you in as an editing consultant. I have trouble chopping up my footage sometimes, it’s like cutting your own kid off the team.

  • notionless

    rad! ok then. I think the idea for this interview was really well thought out. Good job! I DID watch the whole thing too //