Marz Leon Releases Music Video For “L O N E R”

loner marz leon

Halfway through June, Marz Leon made her presence known with a massive, Mike Dez-produced debut single in “L O N E R,” an entrance that’s surely only the beginning of her rise in the pop realm. Here we are a couple weeks later with the visuals to match.

The video for “L O N E R” follows Marz as she suits up for a stroll around the boardwalk. The slow-moving visuals suit the song’s hypnotic tone ideally with plenty of neon and carnival imagery. When the stroll is through, Marz gets in her sweet-ass Firebird which she tosses black balloons out of as she drives off into the night. You can view the video below the break.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Marz Leon’s every move on Facebook and Twitter. When she’s at the top, you’ll be happy that you were ahead of the curve.

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