Patrick Stickles (of Titus Andronicus) Holds Live Press Conference, Announces 7-Inch Series


Titus Andronicus were teasing something all day involving the number 7. At 7:07:14 pm, Patrick Stickles, “Titus Andronicus LLC President For Life,” held a live press conference via YouTube explaining the meaning of “#7×7” and the “@TITUSANDRONICUS TWO MONTH SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKOUT.”

Off the bat, Stickles explained that he entered a mental hospital on May 5 following a controversial rant at a DJ set at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium. Doctors told him to hold off on using social media.

Stickles then went to explain what the significance of 7 was. He built the reveal up by recalling that Titus Andronicus has released seven 7-inch records over the last 7 years of being a band. Stickles thought that was rather light for the band, so he decided to double that amount in 2014 through a 7-inch subscription. Yes, Titus Andronicus will be releasing seven 7-inch records this year in 7-week increments.

The first 7-inch will be a double 7-inch; a repressing of the first Titus 7-inch which is currently out of print. This repressing (a gatefold) features a bonus 7-inch of unreleased recordings. This first installment will be released July 7. Since the product contains two records, this counts as 2 of the 7 releases.

The second installment revealed is a split with Wicked Kind, and features a brand new Titus Andronicus song, which Stickles premiered live on the stream. The song is entitled “Stranded (On My Own)” and he made the song available via Soundcloud–you can listen to it below.

The 7×7 project will be limited to 400 copies. The price will be $45 (plus $18 for shipping.) This is only available through Titus Andronicus’ webstore.

As if it wasn’t enough, on 7/7/14, Titus will be playing a special set (covers, new tracks) at Shea Stadium along with Wicked Kind. Tickets are $14, the double 7″ will be included, and Titus are planning on signing them.

To watch the press conference, play the nearly 2 hour video below. Did we say “7” enough for you?

Titus Andronicus – “Stranded (On My Own)”


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