Ariana Grande Breaks Free On New Single

ariana grande

Ariana Grande is on the verge of absolute pop stardom due to an unbelievable amount of buzz stemming from her strong full-length debut in 2013 along with this year’s “Problem,” a chart-scorching single featuring fellow rising sensation, Iggy Azalea. With seemingly no limit on how far she can take her well-received sound, Grande has released another single, entitled “Break Free.” Produced by Zedd, the cut doesn’t exactly push any boundaries for either artist involved, but it’s still an enjoyable track with an upbeat atmosphere that ensures it’ll quickly enter the mix of radio stations’ playlists across the nation this summer.

Grande’s sophomore full-length, My Everything, is slated to hit stores August 25 via Republic, so it will be interesting to see how representative the new single is when it comes to the rest of her forthcoming material as she seems to have two options: play it safe via guaranteed chart successes or experiment with her sound and push pop music’s boundaries, even if it’s ever so slightly. Of course, only time will tell as we patiently wait for My Everything‘s arrival.

For now, follow the jump to hear “Break Free” — and as usual, let us know your thoughts on the track in the comments section below.

Mike Giegerich

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