Lupe Fiasco Discusses Label Frustrations and Ponders Retirement In New Interview


Lupe Fiasco has taken an odd turn over the last couple of years. For a short time, he was the music industry’s golden goose, but when his motivations for creating music became more message-based and political many turned their backs. I still dig Lupe, and I know many of you do too. Unfortunately, his label may soon cause us to lose one of the greatest voices urban music has ever encountered.

Speaking with Angie Martinez in a new interview, Fiasco opened up about problems with his label while discussing plans for his next album. He said, “[I want to] just get this out before the Fall, so I can put out the next one so I can be done with this company. That’s what we’re in right now. We’re just trying to get albums out just to get off the label.”

Fiasco is certainly not the first person to find themselves at odds with a label they once felt close to, but few have become so frustrated with the music industry that they contemplated throwing in the towel altogether. As Fiasco explained, “Personally, for me, I’d rather just be done. I’d rather walk into the sunset and be up out of here. Unfortunately, my record label keeps me in a position and the greater drive is to get off my label so I can get out these contracts as opposed to retiring under these contracts and being with these people. That’s the greater drive to get it out. It’s not even about, ‘Let me please the fans.'”

You can view the full interview below. If you work for Atlantic Records and are reading this now, PLEASE make an effort to work with Lupe Fiasco and not force him to work and create a certain way. Your job as a label is to nurture and support the talent, as well as promote, and you’ve done a shitty job on all three fronts over the last few years. Get your life together.

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