MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Premature’

Premature Movie-1

Film: Premature
Starring: Craig Roberts, Katie Findlay
Directed by: Dan Beers

Groundhog’s Day meets American Pie in the new comedy Premature.

Growing up is hard, and as well grow older we often wish we could have a second chance in various situations. Premature explores the possibilities of such an opportunity being presented, albeit without the consent of the person stuck living the same day over and over. We follow a young man who, following a number of odd events, realizes that every time he ejaculates he is transported to the beginning of that same day. Even worse, each day begins with his mom walking in to find him in underwear that has a large, dark grey wet spot that cannot be ignored. Talk about a rough life.

That description is sure put a few people off to the idea of Premature, but those who can appreciate sexual shenanigans in the name of humor and science fiction will no doubt find plenty to love in this film. It’s the kind of story whose resolution feels fairly obvious from the start, but that does not hold back filmmaker Dan Beers from exploring the countless opportunities for rude and crude behavior made possible when one is stuck reliving the same day without any fear of repercussions for their actions. At times, this means embracing the awkwardness of fending off sexual urges, but at other times the film revels in sexscapades if only to reset the disastrous situation our lead has put himself in.

I won’t lie to you: There is a lot about Premature that feels too familiar for it’s own good. The leads, while charming enough to hold your attention, portray characters who are about as deep as a puddle of water. As such, the situations our hero finds himself in are largely born out of sight gags and oversimplified dramatic moments that work (for the most part) on an initial viewing, but offer little reason to ever return. You may find a similar interest as someone in the film, but that is not enough to forge a connection that makes you care for the well being of the people on screen.

You have never seen a movie quite like Premature, but you have probably watched five or six that could be blended together to create a similar cinematic concoction. It’s a pleasant oddity amidst a summer movie season that is once again wrought with sequels and reboots, which should be enough reason to at least watch the trailer below. Is it the best film of the year? No. Is it worth a week night rental or weekend trip to the movies? Definitely.

Score: C+

Review written by: James Shotwell

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