The Story So Far Members Confront Security Guard Who Shoved A Crowdsurfer

The Story So Far

As you probably know by now, The Story So Far are currently participating in Vans Warped Tour 2014. They have been around for a long time, and they easily have an incredibly dedicated fan base. You have probably also seen the “no moshing or crowdsurfing” signs that are up at pretty much all of the stages this year, too. This likely was brought up because of the alleged lawsuit threat against Bring Me The Horizon by the parents of an injured concert attendee. While the official reason has not been stated, it seems this is a likely cause.

Regardless of the warnings, fans are still doing what they can to have some fun. At one of the stops in Canada The Story So Far were performing when a crowdsurfer went over the blockade and that’s when things got a little nasty. For some reason that I personally do not see in the video, a very large security guard shoves the concertgoer so hard you can see his legs fly up into the air. The members of TSSF see this and immediately stop performing to hop off the stage and confront the guard. Things get physical, words are exchanged, and a human pileup ensues. Shortly after though the crowd breaks up, and after making sure the kid was all right, the band goes back to their set.

Kevin Lyman has responded to the incident via Twitter and confirmed that he sent the video of the guard to the company as evidence for what took place. You can watch two videos of the incident and check out Lyman’s tweet below.

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