Structures Denied Entrance Into The US; Might Miss All Stars Tour


This year’s All Stars Tour is getting ready to kick off in just a few days. A number of heavy hitting artists are on the lineup this year, but unfortunately one of the bands might not end up making it. Toronto-based hardcore outfit Structures posted earlier today that they were denied access into the US at the border. They didn’t say what exactly happened, but they have assured fans they are doing everything in their power to get access. You can read the full statement below the jump.

The All Stars Tour will start July 11 in Houston, Texas. They have a few days to make it still, so let’s hope for the best! We will post an update as soon as the band releases more information.

We are sad to announce that we were denied access into the United States last night at the border. This is the first time we have ever been turned away from entering the US to tour in the 4 years of being a band, so this is very unsettling for us as it is a matter that is COMPLETELY out of our hands. We can promise everyone who was expecting to see us that we are doing everything in our power to get into the country and we have been on the phone all day sorting out the quickest resolution.

We are extremely let down with this situation and will keep you all updated as we hear more.


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