Taylor Bennett Releases “New Chevy” Video Featuring King Louie


Two of Chicago’s biggest up and comers have collaborated to offer a track that will undoubtedly serve as the soundtrack to your life for the next week or five.

“New Chevy” was one of the last songs to premiere off of Taylor Bennett’s recent Mainstream Music mixtape, but fans’ connection with the track was evident since day one. It’s the kind of chill jam you can put on and cruise to or kick back and smoke with — either way you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The video features both Bennett and Louie, as well as a supporting performance from the entire city of Chicago. You can view the clip, in full, below:

Louie’s line about sending his girl home with ‘cocky breath’ cracks me up every damn time.

Taylor Bennett is in a lane entirely his own right now, and just like his older brother Chance he shows no signs of signing anytime soon. Why should he? The buzz Taylor has right now is the kind no amount of label hype can buy. He makes real music and people vibe with it. It’s that simple.

Mainstream Music is available now.

James Shotwell

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun Review. He loves writing about music and movies almost as much as he loves his two fat cats. He's also the co-founder of Antique Records and the Marketing Coordinator for Haulix. You should probably follow him on Twitter.

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