The Northern Call It Quits With Release of “Revive”

the northern

This week Canadian progressive metal band, The Northern, have called it quits after a 2-year run. With their departure, the band gave fans one last track, a single entitled “Revive.” The group also left behind a heartfelt message on their Facebook page, thanking everyone for their support during their time as a band. You can read that below the jump.

Despite the bad news, the band indicated that a new project is already in the works, containing members of The Northern, along with some additional talent. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll have to wait to hear more.

In the meantime, you can find all of The Northern’s music on their Bandcamp and listen to “Revive” below:

Before you begin listening, we just want to say thank you supporting us for these quick two years. We wouldn’t be where we are musically without the minor success of our fun little project “The Northern”.

After such a long difficult wait, we finally leave you with our new and final song from us. This song happened to be a really hard release for us. After going through some serious core member changes and heavily modifying the writing structure of the band, we felt it was best to leave you guys with a departure of “The Northern” name and continue down a new path.

So, yes there’s a new project in the works. You guys will be hearing about it in the very near future and will feature some of the previous members of The Northern along with some new talented faces.

Again, thank you all for being supportive of our unique little project and make sure to check out our previous members playing in The Afterimage, SKY WRITTEN and soon a very new amazing group. (Stay tuned to the page for news on this)

Love from all of us previously and presently in,
The Northern.

P.s. As always our music is free. We’re very humbled by anyone who’s purchased any of our music and want to let you know that any purchases of revive or previous releases will be going directly into our new project.

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