Tombs Are Now Selling ‘Savage Gold’ Coffee


Back in June, the metal gods known as Tombs released their highly-anticipated and insanely kickass new album Savage Gold to heaps of praise from around the globe. Now, less than a month later, they are back in our headlines with a new innovation that is sure to brighten every metalhead’s morning.

A new company has been launched by Tombs founder Mike Hill called Savage Gold Coffee. The company, as the name suggests, specializes in small batch coffee. A mission statement on the site reads, “If you’ve made it this far, you most likely enjoy coffee as much as I do, so that brings me to the “mission statement” of Savage Gold Coffee. I’ve never been someone who wants to “sell” you something. I simply want to provide things that I love or find useful to other people that have the same interest. I’d like to think of Savage Gold as a club filled with like-minded people who enjoy quality things. The name Savage Gold is inspired by the alchemical process of transmutation where a base material is turned into gold, where raw materials are transformed into a higher state. That is the entry point into the savage Gold mind set. We’re all trying to improve ourselves, physically, spiritually, emotionally or philosophically. I’m hoping that I can aid in your journey.”

Pre-orders for the first shipment of Savage Gold Coffee began last week, but the company officially launched over the weekend. You can order your bag of Savage Gold Coffee by visiting the company’s new web store.

Savage Gold, the album, is available now wherever music is sold. If you like metal, do not sleep on this release. It might change your life.

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