Watch Christian Bale As Moses In The Official ‘Exodus’ Trailer

Christian Bale

Biblical film adaptations are usually a big hit or miss. Sometimes they turn out all right, while at others they flop big time. Ridley Scott decided to take his chances when he started working on Exodus. After revealing some of the cast of the film, though, a lot of that skepticism turned into excitement. With everyone’s favorite Batman as Moses (Christian Bale, of course), it’s hard to imagine this being too terrible of a movie.

Now that we have had some time to anxiously wait for an update on the movie there are two exciting developments. First, the official trailer is now available to be watched. It was released via iTunes Trailers, and you can find it by heading here. In addition to that, three evocative movie posters have been revealed. Those can be seen beneath the break.

Exodus does not have a set release date yet, but it’s expected to hit theaters this December.

Exodus Poster 1
Exodus Poster 2
Exodus Poster 3

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