Get Your Doodle Inspiration From Craft Spells’ New “Nausea” Video

Craft Spells Nausea

Craft Spells, aka Justin Vallesteros, shared a new music video for “Nausea” this week, the title track to this year’s new album. The hazy, whisperer song glides along with new stop-motion doodles that will inspire you to pick up your pencil and tune out the world, if just for five minutes. On a perfect summer’s day like today, now may be the best time to do so.

Created by visual artist Colin McFadyen, the music video has layered .gifs and hand drawn images that were put through effects into a time-lapsed video. The result is a visual focus on vibration and rhythm. With Vallesteros’ honeyed vocals glazing over the wandering guitar riffs, the music video reflects every hum, waver, and note.

Check it out below:

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