King Louie and Casey Veggies Find “Lipstick On The Blunt”


There are a million songs about smoking weed in the world, but surprisingly very few of them focus solely on the ladies who like to blow flowers.

Enter King Louie and Casey Veggies. Two of the biggest names in underground hip-hop have come together to deliver “Lipstick On The Blunt,” a straightforward track about living the good life that has killer production perfect for kicking off your next house party. It’s one of the most radio-ready tracks either emcee has delivered in some time, but that does not mean it lacks each artist’s signature style. Quite the opposite, actually, as the pairing of these two distinct voices is what elevates “Blunt” from being another disposable top 40 wannabe. You can stream the song, in full, below:

Before you run off and tell the folks on Kanye To The that Veggies and Louie have sold out their sound in favor of radio play, calm down. “Lipstick On The Blunt” is one-off effort created for Emilio Sparks and John Sparkz upcoming Forever Madness (The Randy Savage EP) compilation.

Veggies just released a new solo track titled “The Boy” that pairs with this song quite nicely. Click here to check it out.

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