Sony Signs $1.7 Million Record Deal With An 8th Grade Metal Band

Unlocking The Truth

You may or may not heard of the three rising stars who make up the metal band Unlocking The Truth. Over the last couple years they have been growing in popularity and have even opened for Guns ‘N’ Roses. The catch? Two of them are only thirteen years old! The other, their drummer, is only 12. They may be young, but they have already taken the biggest possible step in their career. It has been revealed that the trio have penned a $1.7 million contract with Sony. If they fulfill the entire contract and release six albums they will receive at least $1.7 million.

The boys have been playing for at least a couple of years publicly. You can watch an entire performance of theirs in Times Square by checking below the break. Maybe you caught their set at Coachella this year?

What were you doing when you were thirteen?

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  • dave Moe

    They are GREAT !!!!!!