Don’t Panic: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Has Not Been Cancelled


Listen, folks. The internet is a fun and wild place where anyone can do and be virtually anything they desire. For some, that means helping others by creating a place for people to learn about the world around them. For others, it means creating chaos where there would otherwise be peace. This is a short story about the latter.

Over the weekend, a site known as Empire News broke a lot of digital hearts when it reported that Netflix had not only cancelled Orange Is The New Black, but that the streaming platform would be removing all previous episodes by the end of September. The article went viral in no time, even though the site had no source for their information, and that act of sharing led to many more people finding (and later sharing) the article through Facebook.

Here’s the problem: Empire News is a satirical news site. Just like The Onion, the stories reported on this site are not true. A click to the website’s ‘about’ page makes that abundantly clear, but it seems that did not matter to the fear-ridden OITNB fans that clicked over to Empire over the weekend. The rumor spread so far, in fact, that Netflix took to the show’s official Twitter account to downplay the lies once and for all. You can view their tweet below:

So there you have it, Orange Is The New Black fans. Your beloved show is not going anywhere anytime soon. The show was renewed for a third season and we will likely see that next year. Binge on.

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