Stream Bleachers’ Debut Album ‘Strange Desire’


Jack Antonoff has wasted no time in making a name for himself, striking while the iron is hot. The fun. member’s own project, Bleachers, has been buzzing since bursting forth with “I Wanna Get Better.” The debut album is now here, and we can stream it on the standard music streaming services.

We have, by and large, liked all the singles – “I Wanna Get Better,” “Shadow,” and “Like A River Runs” – as has much of the rest of the internet. Antonoff’s experience crafting big, cunning pop songs is evidenced in these tracks. They’re highly youth-friendly, widely relatable, and possessing of some tremendously catchy, sing-along choruses. Whether the success of Antonoff-led indie pop will rival that of the Nate Reuss-led indie pop is yet to be seen, but Antonoff has certainly armed himself well. Equating them both as simply “indie pop” is also unfair, especially with Bleachers’ varied ’80s influences, but I’m not reviewing the album here.

If you’re a fan, make sure to mind the Bleachers’ upcoming tour schedule.

Tyler Hanan

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