Alt-J Loose An Incredible New Video For “Hunger Of The Pine”


Following 2012’s buzzworthy An Awesome Wave, Leeds trio Alt-J came out with a commanding new track last month in “Hunger Of The Pine,” which serves as the lead single for their upcoming sophomore release, This Is All Yours. What I’d consider to be one of the best songs released so far in 2014 now has a video accompaniment that I’d consider to be very much the same.

The Nabil-directed clip is a gorgeous production that looks akin to something out of a big budget horror or sci-fi film. You can view the visuals below the break and follow the lead character as he appears to run for his life throughout the entirety of the video as countless arrows fly in his direction, loosed by some unknown assailants that seem to be hunting him. Even with the oddball Miley Cyrus sample, the video pairs perfectly with “Hunger of the Pine,” and again, it’s easily one of the best music videos released in 2014.

All This Is Yours is set to release on September 22 via Warner Music. You still have plenty of time to pre-order it now.

Brian Leak

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