‘Ouija’ Trailer: How Generic Can One Horror Movie Preview Be?

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Unexplained death of a ridiculously hot girl to help set a series of strange events in motion? Check. Other hot girls, some of whom are determined to find answers? Check. Poor decision making? Check. Flickering lights? Check. Inception bass drops? Check. Actors from television shows that are only recognized by people who have been teenage girls in the last five years? Check. Check. Check.

Yesterday, the very first trailer for the new film Ouija found its way online. The film, as you can probably guess, follows a group of good-looking teens who turn to a Ouija board in order to communicate with their recently deceased (and incredibly beautiful) friend. They soon realize, however, that not every spirit you are able to contact is looking for a friend. In fact, some want nothing more than the end of your existence, or at least it appears that way based on the immediately forgettable and stereotype heavy preview released this week. You can view the footage below:

Aside from the opening shot of a girl strung up by Christmas lights, essentially every single sequence teased in the above trailer has appeared in 5-20 similar teen thrillers over the last few decades. There is nothing here that leads me to believe this film will be at all original or memorable, let alone enjoyable to watch.

The official synopsis reads:

A group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

Ouija opens this October.

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