Ron Howard To Head Upcoming Beatles Documentary


Whether you enjoy their songs or not, it is impossible to deny The Beatles‘ influence on modern music. The Liverpool foursome have dominated the airwaves for decades and today are revered by many as the greatest rock band to ever exist, having influenced everyone from Dave Grohl to Elton John.

As such, acclaimed director Ron Howard will be spearheading the production of an upcoming documentary centered on the outfit’s brief, but massively instrumental career. Apple Corps Ltd., Imagine Entertainment, and White Horse Pictures will produce the film, and are working closely with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison so as to ensure a historically accurate final product, which will make extensive use of concert footage and actual sound board recordings.

“What’s so intriguing to me is not only the subject, but the context we can bring to it now,” said Howard. “Not only can we do a study of these touring years, the narrative of an odyssey, we can look at the significance of the Beatles as individuals—as musical geniuses, as societal leaders and their effect on global culture. Dramatically it makes a lot of sense and cinematically, we have a chance to offer a unique experience.”

Though nothing is set in stone at this time, Howard is hoping to have the film completed by late next year.

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Kyle Florence

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