Imogen Heap Shares Himalayan Experience With New Song

'My fans are very understanding' … Imogen Heap

The Happiest Place is a documentary by Ben Henretig about a village in Bhutan, near the Himalaya Mountains, that just got the technology for running electricity in 2012, and shows the experience and journey as each family had to climb the mountain near their village and carry the phone pole up it.

So Imogen Heap has written a song about what she witnessed as she watched the families and their trek. It’s called “Climb to Sakteng,” and it’s absolutely beautiful and powerful.

It’s essentially a collage of sounds that you would hear in the mountains, it’s her interpretation of what she experienced; very natural and majestic. “It features vocals by the stunning bird like dexterity of Sonam Dorji’s voice who’s day job is to record and protect all the folk song from this country before all memory of them disappear,” Heap explains. “The sounds of the villages and mountains, rivers and crunching of crisp snow. Plus the occasional kitchen whisk and other unrelated things I found at home!”

Check out the song below, and also a small snippet of the making of it, and another song she features in the film, “Cycle Song,” below.

“Climb to Sakteng” will also be on Imogen Heaps upcoming full-length, Sparks, which will be released August 18 via Megaphonic.

“Climb to Sakteng”

The Making of “Cycle Song” and “Climb to Sakteng”

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