Maroon 5 Reveal New Album’s Track List & Cover Art

Maroon 5 2012

Three time Grammy winning pop-rock band Maroon 5 have signed over to Interscope Records earlier this year and have been set to release their fifth studio album, V, in early September.

Maroon 5 are one of the few solid acts nowadays who very capably maintain and gain a larger fan base continuously despite the differences in sound and appeal of their last couple records. Notably a very pop-infused collection, the band shares that V will not be as poppy as Overexposed was, indicating a more personal touch from Adam Levine and the rest of the band, both lyrically and aesthetically. This record also welcomes the return of keyboardist Jesse Carmichael who was on a hiatus during the production cycle of M5’s last record. With the production involving people like Ryan Tedder, Gwen Stefani, Benny Blanco and other wonderful people in the music industry, V is highly anticipated and expected to garner much success.

You can find V’s newly unveiled track listing, B-sides, and album art below.


V track list:
1. “Maps”
2. “Animals”
3. “It Was Always You”
4. “Unkiss Me”
5. “Sugar”
6. “Leaving California”
7. “In Your Pocket”
8. “New Love”
9. “Coming Back for You”
10. “Feelings”
11. “My Heart Is Open” ft. Gwen Stefani

1. “ShootLove”
2. “Sex and Candy”
3. “Lost Stars”

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