Beware, the StubHub Security Breach


Your favorite band is coming to town. You’ve fallen behind on UTG news and didn’t catch the tour dates before the show sold out. So you head over to StubHub and nick some great seats, for less if you’re lucky. What’s not to love? The ticket-selling service admitted Tuesday that there is one rather large thing not to love: a security breach.

StubHub is another in a long line of online retailers to be the victims of online fraudsters. This time, criminals didn’t hack the company’s server but instead went straight to the accounts of over 1000 customers through stolen log-in information and made unauthorized purchases. The total monetary damages have not been disclosed. Speaking for StubHub, Glen Lehrman said

“[There was a] pretty intense network of cyber-fraudsters working in concert with each other.”

Sounds pretty scary. For eBay, StubHub’s parent company, this is the second security breakdown in the last year and they say they are investigating. If, like me, you made a purchase on StubHub recently or have an eBay account, change your passwords and keep a weather eye on your credit cards. And maybe consider giving ticket scalpers a shot next time you need a last minute ticket.

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