Combichrist Immediately Regret Asking Blood On The Dance Floor To Tour With Them, Release BOTDF From Fall Tour


Combichrist made a mistake many people make when they’re planning to go on a first date with someone they don’t really know: Forgetting to check Google first.

Early today, Combichrist announced plans for an extensive fall tour that included the ever-controversial Blood On The Dance Floor as direct support. Within minutes of the announcement being blasted across the band’s social networks the group began receiving negative feedback from fans, including several messages with links to this very website. It seems the members of Combichrist never knew of the rape charges and repeated allegations of sexual assault that have been brought against BOTDF founder/frontman Dahvie Vanity in recent years until their fans shared it with them, and less than twelve hours after making their initial announcement, Combichrist issued a new update to fans regarding their fall tour plans. It reads:

To our fans,

As you’ve seen with all of our tours, when we select our support acts, we attempt to bring acts that will help introduce Combichrist to fans outside of our fanbase. This has worked well for us in the past, and it was in this spirit that we invited Blood On The Dance Floor to tour with us. Like all announcements, we knew that this decision would be met with some concern but we thought that the different styles would be the source of conversation. We were not aware of the controversy about their past behavior. It has been difficult to read everything posted today; our sole goal is to bring you a kick ass tour that you can be excited and proud of and it’s become clear that we won’t be able to do that with the choice we made. As a result we have released Blood On The Dance Floor from this tour and are rethinking our direct support. We expect to have a new announcement for you shortly.

Thank you for your honesty and integrity.

You stand by us, we stand by you.


…And the internet began to rejoice.

I caught Combichrist this spring when they took William Control out as direct support. Their music is not something I listen to on a regular basis, but they put on one hell of a show. I don’t know who will end up replacing BOTDF, but this tour is worth seeing regardless.

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  • Alicia Grayham

    BOTDF is an amazing band ! They dont deserve this but who cares ! Combichrist is a fool for believing in these stupid lies . U think these rumors is gonna tear Dahvie & Jay ? Hell no they will be a success to their fans! Haters of BOTDF you can get a life cuz these boys will never stop making music. Oh 1 final thing u only made them more famous !!! Haha

  • starburst_stream

    Thank you Alicia Grayham for confirming why Botdf should not be on this tour. Also no, this did not make them more famous as you put it, it actually makes them less famous seeing as how this makes multiple bands that want nothing to do with botdf, aka New Years Day, etc etc would make more people think, if these bands want nothing to do with them, then obviously something is wrong. So that kinda shuts down the *haters make us famous* speech that the fans are so well known for.

  • Mal

    Kill yourself.

  • Alicia Grayham

    No i wont u stupid cunt! Ur just mad cuz im sticking up for BOTDF!! Get a life & why dont u kill yourself.

  • churbchurbley

    I promise you that when you are not a teen anymore that you will regret listening to them. And your adult self would also cringe at seeing these comments that you are posting. But you’re a kid and that’s what kids do so I don’t think we should take it to heart.

  • Eddy Garcia

    Not famous you poor dumb girl!!!!!!!! It INFAMOUS

    Get it right!!!