‘The Jim Norton Show’ Premieres With Mike Tyson And Dana White


I think it’s fair to say that Jim Norton has had an overwhelming month. In early July, the co-host of The Opie And Anthony Show, Anthony Cumia, was fired from SiriusXM over a controversial series of tweets.

Jimmy, who was third chair on the show, is now faced with finishing out his contract alongside longtime radio personality and now self-proclaimed COMPLETELY F’D RADIO HOST Gregg “Opie” Hughes. The two have been taking it day by day, dealing with the backlash of media critisicm along with the traitorous accusations of longtime listeners. Opie and Jim have since been reaching out to friends of the show for help passing through an uncomfortable time, bringing in comics such as Rich Vos, Joe DeRosa, Ricky Gervais, Dan Soder, Robert Kelly, and many more.

Forunately for Mr. Norton, the Black Sabbath obsessing, meaty-breasted zilch stand-up comedian, his all new talk show premiered today through Vice. The original series makes its debut with the head of the UFC Dana White and boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Check out below to see the first episode of The Jim Norton Show. If you’re easily offended, don’t bother. There is enough transgender humor and self-degradation in the opening monologues to last you a lifetime. If you’re not hypersensitive and enjoy uncut and authentic comedy mixed in with quality interviewing skills, this may be the show for you.

Derek Scancarelli

Derek Scancarelli is a feature writer, interviewer, videographer, photographer, radio-er and more. In 2015, he received his MA in Journalism in New York City. In addition to Under The Gun Review, Derek has worked with Noisey (VICE), Alternative Press, New Noise Magazine and many more. He also pushes some buttons at SiriusXM.

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