Ray LaMontagne Stops Concert While Couple Continues Talking In The Front Row, Refuses To Resume Until They Leave


The number one unwritten rule of attending any live performance is making sure you show the person/group performing a little respect. Put down your phone, stop talking amongst yourselves, and become one with the event taking place all around you. Simple, right? Not for one West Michigan couple.

Last night, Ray LaMontagne took his summer tour to Frederick Meijer Gardens on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, MI. In the middle of his performance, LaMontagne noticed a couple in the front row who refused to stop talking to one another. He continued to perform for a short time, but ultimately brought the entire show to a halt for what those in attendance described as “numerous f bombs.” After his initial frustration was made known, Ray refused to continue the show until the couple in the front row ended their conversation and left the venue. They did, and the crowd went wild.

This morning, a news team in Grand Rapids were able to track down the couple responsible for stopping the show and conduct an interview. In it, an unidentified male claims he and his fiance were simply whispering to one another, and that they feel incredibly embarrassed by what happened. You can view the initial news report below.

Let this story be a lesson to all of you who think your conversation is more important than the show people paid money to see: SHUT UP.

James Shotwell

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  • Teresa Ganim

    Ray has not been singing the song “You are the Best Thing” this entire tour. The song he was singing when he confronted the concertgoers was Rock and Roll and Radio the song is about the end of a relationship not a good choice for a wedding song. Additionally other fans are saying that while Ray dropped the f-bomb it was after several attempts to quiet the couple. The comment by Ray was that they were talking above the music a whisper hardly qualifies.

  • Lila Joy

    What’s ridiculous is that why does he give two craps about a couple of ppl missing his show? He is still getting paid. And it’s their own money that’s going to waste. He doesn’t get paid based on the number of ppl who’ve put down their cell phones and “shut up.” Guy sounds like a dbag. That’s why he has a mic and speakers. To be louder.