Watch The Retro Trailer For ‘Out of Print’


If romance for dying technology is in vogue, then Julia Marchese’s upcoming film Out of Print will be the big talk of the festival circuit for film historians and movie buffs alike. The film’s tag on its Kickstarter page calls it “a film about a weird and wonderful double feature revival theater dedicated to 35mm & cinema since 1978–and why it still matters.”

Based on the film’s wonderfully retro trailer it will prove to be so much more. The film focuses on the legendary New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles and the undying love of its fans and filmmaker patrons. The problem is that even their love of $8 double features may not be able to keep the “New Bev” and the languishing 35mm format alive. With a fantastic cast of interviewees–Kevin Smith, Patton Oswalt, and Edgar Wright among them– Out of Print fights for the relevance of watching films on film.

Check out the trailer below.

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