HOLY SH!T: ‘Deadpool’ Movie Test Footage Leaks Online


In a world overrun with superhero films it seems a little strange that Deadpool, otherwise known as the merc with the mouth, has yet to be given his own film. It’s true he’s a little more violent and a lot more profane than your typical hero, but after witnessing the footage we’re about to share I think you too will be demanding a big screen Wade Wilson adventure in the near future.

20th Century FOX has owned the rights to Deadpool for a while, and around 2010 they began to plan a solo film for the long-running comic hero. The idea was that the studio would use the predicted success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to build interest in the character before unleashing a stand alone feature film with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. That feature, for one reason or another, never came into existence. In 2012, however, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld revealed that Tim Miller, who signed on to helm the solo adaptation back in 2011, had developed test footage with his visual effects company Blur Studio. He praised the footage and said fans would likely feel the same, but the studio refused to let him share any of the material at the time.

Now, thanks to YouTube’s Bob Corner, the test footage created back in 2011/2012 has finally found its way online. The CG clip works a little bit like a trailer, introducing Deadpool and showcasing his unique, often smartass approach to fighting crime. It’s basically everything you could hope a Deadpool movie would be, only it lasts a little less than two minutes. You can view the footage, at least until it’s taken down, below:

Ryan Reynolds did perform the motion capture for the footage above, and as you can probably guess he also supplied Deadpool’s voice. It’s unclear whether or not a Deadpool film will ever come to life at this point, but at least we now know that it would have been a bloody and hilarious good time had the studio saw fit to see it through.

I’m not one to beg, but if I could I would drop to my knees and plead with every exec at 20th Century FOX to see this film become a reality. The world needs more Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds needs a hit. It’s a match made in comic book heaven.

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