Stream Columns’ Thrashy, Grindy ‘Please Explode’


I tend to truly enjoy anything Adam Cody is involved with, which includes the disappointingly under-active Glass Casket and the always active Wretched. The vocalist has been working on another project for some time now alongside members of Hemdale and Vehemence as well, and today we can officially stream Columns’ new record, Please Explode, in all its metal glory. Metal Sucks has the exclusive and the official release date is August 5 via Relapse.

Featuring 16 tracks–most of which average out at a succinct minute and a half–Please Explode is a chaotic good time that will likely encourage you to punch, kick, and utterly destroy anything in your immediate vicinity. Sometimes, that’s the best kind of release.

Crank up your speakers, clear some room for carnage, and start streaming Please Explode below. You can pre-order the album digitally here or pick up a physical copy through Relapse.

Brian Leak

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