REVIEW: HELENA – ‘Levity Remixes’ EP (feat. Shawnee Taylor)


Artist: HELENA (feat. Shawnee Taylor)
Album: Levity Remixes EP
Genre: Electro house
Label: Ultra Music

After having the chance to speak with HELENA at the time of the release of her collaboration with vocalist Shawnee Taylor, “Levity,” there was little doubt the Australian electro house producer would make her presence felt throughout the music scene, whether it be through her nonstop international touring or festival-ready anthems. With the release of the Levity Remixes EP, she has taken yet another step in the right direction by teaming up with a collection of fellow rising musicians and allowing them to put their personal spins on “Levity.”

Fareoh, arguably the most recognizable name of the bunch, kicks off the EP with a fusion of stylistic flares. Glitching synths and a growling bass line ignite his remix, but the entirety of the remix is far from abrasive. Moving from the simplicity of Taylor’s stadium-filling vocals complemented by a sole piano to massive electro house drops drenched in warmth and positivity aplenty, he doesn’t hold back from fully injecting his array of sounds into the revised track.

The following take, courtesy of HELENA’s fellow Australian producer, Maarcos, takes a much different route. Embracing the progressive side of house music, the cut begins with a bouncy, bare-bones pulsation of an echoing synth-line and percussion while allowing it to build throughout the first half of the cut. Taylor’s chorus is eventually added into the mix as a gorgeous bridge that leads to what just might be the EP’s most dance-able climax, and pure bliss ensues.

As for Merk & Kremont’s remix, it is what seems to be most in tune with current electronic trends as the duo’s blend of electro house carries an underlying big room vibe that bounces along with every rave ready drop following the accelerated build-ups of Taylor’s now-familiar work. While not necessarily as unique as the two preceding mixes, it’s still a highly enjoyable showing of electronic energy.

HELENA should undoubtedly be ecstatic about the release of the Levity Remixes EP as her work has been masterfully retooled in a variety of exciting ways that fans from all sides of the house music spectrum will enjoy. Thus, her rise to the top continues.

SCORE: 8/10
Review written by Michael Giegerich (Follow him on Twitter)
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