‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Post-Credits Sequence Leaks Online (And It’s Hilarious)

Guardians Of The Galaxy

GIGANTIC FREAKING SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy you may want to wait before proceeding any further in this post. We will not discuss the central premise, but we are going to explain and showcase one major reveal certain cinema diehards may not want to see outside the theater. You have been warned.

Marvel has had a long history of including additional sequences after the credits of each film. Sometimes these scenes reveal a major plot development for a future story and other times they poke fun at the comic book universe we have all grown to love. As of late, Marvel has been excluding the post credits sequence from press screenings so that a few surprises remain unspoiled for general audiences, but thanks to someone with a camera phone the biggest studio in hollywood’s latest reveal has just went public.

Guardians Of The Galaxy opens nationwide on August 1, but somewhere in the world screenings are taking place today with the previous withheld post credit scene included. Someone attending one of these early screenings took the time to whip out their phone, break Marvel’s no recording policy, and capture the reveal awaiting audiences at the very end of the film. This is where I add a ‘read more’ so nothing is spoiled for anyone passing by…

Are you ready? IT’S HOWARD THE DUCK. Yes, Howard the freaking Duck. Marvel’s most obscure and often bullied property has been brought to life in what looks to be gorgeous CG for one hilarious moment opposite The Collector (Benicio Del Toro). You can view the sequence below:

Our review of Guardians is not going to be live until Friday, but I will tell you right now it’s fast-becoming my favorite Marvel film of all time. You need to see this film on the biggest screen you can find. Don’t miss out.

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  • Dont-make-me-laugh

    Being as Howard is a DUCK, furry is not really the word I would use to describe him.

  • Boogiemaan

    uh no shit dumby…duhhhhhhh…

  • mike litoris

    Well no shit sherlock these filns are based on comics..kids these days

  • mike litoris

    No it wouldnt. Horrible idea

  • Paul

    If you already knew that these were from the comics, then you shouldn’t act like a brat. Stars Wars featured a Bigfoot shooting guns, and holographic lasers. And look how popular they are now?

  • The Angling Myth

    Drax is sharpening/cleaning his knives, whilst the Jackson 5 is playing on the stereo. Groot is in a plant pot dancing away like those retro flowers you could get that moved to music. When Drax looks over, Groot stops. Drax looks away and Groot starts dancing again.
    That is the mid-credits (actually start of the credits to be pedantic) scene.

  • The Angling Myth

    There are only 2 credits scenes – The dancing Groot at the beginning of the credits and the Howard the Duck/Collector/Cosmo scene at the very end of the credits (longer credits than usual for a Marvel film). That was all that was played at the showing I viewed last night in the UK.

  • Paul

    I’m disappointed, yet humored. They could have done all 2 scenes in the end-credits, like Thor 2. And I’m a little disappointed because it didn’t give a little “something” for the future of the MCU

  • Brian Thames

    Well, you asked what he was doing there and so I explained. Acting like a child is just pathetic… Unless you are a child in which I apologize.

  • Burt Firks

    If they did it right, it would be beyond great. In the original HTD movie, they didn’t even get him to look even remotely right. The Howard in this clip looks really good. You must be too young to remember how awesome and groundbreaking the kinds of HTD stories they did were in the late 1970’s. If string theory is real, who knows? There could actually be a planet of anthropomorphic ducks…..somewhere out there.

  • Ragnao

    Funny thing is when I saw the movie last night, half the theater screamed Howard the Duck when he appeared.

  • Boogiemaan

    i see ur looking to argue…so…have fun with that….thank you….

  • Phillip J. Frye

    Because its a movie, that’s why.

  • j12345690

    hey the tmnt costume in the 90’s movies kick ass and where made by a legend

  • j12345690

    you want to fuck Howard the duck kinky

  • Paul

    Yeah but you can’t reflect it here because we live in the 21st century now…