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Grand Rapids, Michigan hard rock outfit Fine Fine Titans have quickly become one of the most talked about unsigned bands of 2014. Between their recently released Omega EP, as well as many performances across our great nation, this group has everything going for them and show no signs of slowing their climb to the top of rock’s underground anytime soon.

Today, we are excited and honored to begin sharing with you a series of tour blogs the band has agreed to write for UTG during their current string of dates. The first entry, which covers the beginning of tour and a day spent visiting Indianapolis, can be found below.

Peace Signs, Middle Fingers and Thumbs Up

Tour. What comes to mind when the word is spoken?

For me it’s a dream. For as long as my feeble brain can allow me to remember, I’ve been entrenched in the word. I never knew exactly what it would entail but I could assume some shady resting places, very questionable food choices and a bit of bland scenery during the hours spent on the highway. I also assumed that it would include a complete upheaval of any regular schedule and a slight dip of the checking account. What I really hoped for, though, would be to experience people, make a few new friends and get the chance to share our music while others shared their music with us. The idea that you can link cities together, learn from other musicians and fans alike while completely expanding your network in just a matter of weeks or even days seemed like the ultimate beauty in working as a traveling band.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get on the road.

Today is our third day out on the Sry, Not Sry tour. We’ve been sailing through the midwest, hopping over potholes and feeling eyes burn into us as we take photos on top of the van in front of the corn fields that line the gas station rest stops. The funny thing about being in a band on tour, and maybe this is more exaggerated in the midwest, is that when you are a part of that band, you are acutely aware of what people around you assume when in public. What is it that gives it away? What about us says that we are in a band? The way we dress in worn, crumbled black everything? The fact that we came equipped with a packed 15 passenger van? Maybe it’s because we are a pack of 20-somethings grouped together like teenagers, dragging around with unkempt hair and dark circles framing our eyes. Whatever it is, it’s usually not tough to guess that we are not from the area nor will we be staying very long.

The funnier part to me, though, is not that people assume that we are in a band but that when we are grouped together and someone has the courtesy to ask about us or what we are in town for and we explain, they always get this “Ah yeah, that’s what I thought” head nod and smirk and then turn to look at me and say “Are you in the band too?” …why do they assume the guys are in the band but it is not assumed that I am when I am with them, undoubtedly wearing similar clothing and (the dead giveaway) the same tour badge hanging from my hip?

It happened on our second day in and it happens often. Maybe it can be viewed as an advantage. Perhaps that makes me more inconspicuous or maybe that guy was wrong to assume anything at all. Either way, it’s a reminder that no matter how much you just try to blend in, even the slightest bit of sexism can surface in any situation. But I digress…

Our first night’s show in South Bend was a real hoot. We saw quite a few faces that we haven’t seen in a while and hung out with some cool cats. Actual cats. There were (friendly) punches thrown, fried green tomato sandwiches consumed, great chats with friends and then a bit of shut eye.

We then headed to Frankfort, Indiana to the Animal House and I was a little sad to see that the only animals around were of the human variety but we were greeted warmly by the staff. I have to be honest, when we play a show with strictly metal bands, my nerves are slightly spiked and I become a bit reserved…assuming (now the tables turn!) that we are going to stick out like an exorbitant sore thumb. I never worry that people won’t be into us but I absolutely worry that people will hate us. Either way, after our set (which felt, at times, painfully awkward) we had a reception that took me by utter surprise. Each time we were approached by a member of another band to tell us how they really enjoyed our set was a great slap of reminder to me that often people are not what they seem.

So the party rages on! Tonight we get cozy at a house venue near Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m excited to not know a single person there besides these dudes. We have to keep making friends and making memories…and how lucky we are to do so. Later, Titans! All the love.

animal house



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