Sledding With Tigers Detail Car Accident, Release New Shirt To Raise Funds

Sledding With Tigers

Yesterday, we brought you the news that our friends in Sledding With Tigers had been involved in a car accident while traveling between Oklahoma and St. Louis. We felt helpless when we first ran the headline, but in the hours that followed frontman Dan Faughdner and the fine folks at Antique Records developed a way for everyone to help get SWT back on their feet.

First, let’s talk about the event itself. Sledding With Tigers have only been on tour since Friday, but sometime yesterday afternoon they lost control of their vehicle and ended up on their side in the middle of a highway. A blog detailing the incident can be found below:

Hey guys, it’s me, Dan. A few days ago, my friend Nick and I headed out on our first midwest tour. I’d done two California tours, but this was our first time going across the country. We made it two days, and then fate took it’s ugly hand and punched us in the Touring Band Kidneys. On our way from Guthrie, OK to St. Louis, the car hit a bump and swerved out of control. I had dozed off in the passenger seat and woke up to the screeching sounds of rubber and hot asphalt. We hit a guard rail and flipped a car, eventually landing on the side. I have a few cuts and scrapes, but nothing too awful, and we walked away from the accident. Unfortunately, my car did not.

We’re currently trying to fly back to San Diego, and I’m typing this in the Schlotsky’s of the Oklahoma Will Rodger’s World Airport.

The car that was totaled was the same car that I use everyday to get to my two jobs in San Diego, as well as volunteering at the Che Cafe. Without it, I am absolutely stranded. The Monday morning (late Sunday Evening) quarterback in me is screaming 100 things we could’ve done differently, but now it’s time to move forward. That’s why, in an effort to help pay (at least a fraction) of the cost for a new car, we are selling this cool, nice, fancy t-shirt with a picture of my car on its side. It would mean the world to me if you could help us out in any way. We are safe and that’s what matters. We may be bumped, bruised and scuffed, but we’re not done yet.

Thanks and I love you all,

Dan Faughnder

In an effort to help Dan get back on his feet, Antique Records has launched pre-orders for a limited edition shirt that more or less commemorates the events of yesterday. The shirts are $15 and available for ONE WEEK ONLY on the official Antique Records webstore. Here’s the design:


We’ve already ordered our shirts, and we hope you will do the same. Sledding With Tigers’ recent release, A Necessary Bummer, is available now wherever Antique Records’ music is sold.

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