Trinidad James Admits To Being Dropped From Def Jam, Releases New Single


You never know how long your fifteen minutes will last.

While the rest of us were busy enjoying the weekend, Atlanta native Trinidad James may have been experiencing some of the hardest days of his life. Just two years after signing a multi-million dollar record deal with Def Jam, James took to Twitter late Friday night to inform fans around the globe he and his label have parted ways. Even worse, James claims he is broke and will be unable to pay the producers and guests who appear on his upcoming album (which he intends to release for free). You can view the original tweet below:


This news may disappoint some fans of James, but it’s not too difficult to understand what led to this action being taken. “All Gold Everything” was a massive hit. So much so, in fact, it led Def Jam to offer someone no one knew prior to 2012 over a million dollars. That song came and went, leaving James with the task of creating another game-changing single. He tried his best, but even a free mixtape (10 PC Mild) could not reignite the world’s love affair with the Trinidad James.

Last night, James shared a new single with fans, titled “Doin Me.” The song is one of many off James’ upcoming album, which is due out on September 23. You can stream the song, in full, at the end of this post.

I want to hold out hope that Trinidad James has another hit in his system, but I’m not sure that will ever prove to be true. In five years his legacy will be similar to that of Mike Jones. If you’re asking, “Who is Mike Jones?” That is exactly my point.

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