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Here at Under the Gun, we try to continually provide you with original and riveting content, and honestly, nothing is more interesting or telling of music than when an artist talks about the background and the inspirations for an album.

Anton Kellner, of Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars has teamed up with UTG to present you with a track by track breakdown of his new album, You Were Fire. Kellner talks about the process of writing the album, what inspired him and what some of the tracks are about. Check it out below and be sure to pick up You Were The Fire, which is out now.

“Burning” – I wanted to start the album off with an atmospheric intro. I didn’t want there to be too much singing, just a melancholy filled instrumental to set the overall mood of the album.

“Rebel” – I wrote our first single “Rebel” on a day when everything collided on me (financially, emotionally, physically). It was a day filled with turmoil, stress, lack of sleep, and heartbreak. I wanted to write a civilized yet fumigating song directed at the ways of our society, without blatantly pointing my middle finger (Johnny Cash style) at anyone in particular. Just as Timon says in The Lion King, “when the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.” That is the dynamic of “Rebel.”

“Where We Used To Lay” (ft. Fred Mascherino) – This song was the first song I wrote in my transition to moving from DC to CA. I was inspired to write this based on a dream I had one night. There was a couple running (like their life depended on it) through a wheat field, and behind them was a raging fire. The wheat was set ablaze and approaching them quick. Thats basically it. It was filled with imagery and heartbreak, so I wanted to write a song based on that.

“Wrong” – This was simply written about a change of heart and mind in an individual. I get that people change all the time, but it’s just mind-boggling when someone you know to be one way, does a 180 and becomes someone totally different (in a short time span). It’s a pretty dark tune.

“Recaption” (Sparks Flew) – This track is a rewrite of a song from our debut EP Sequences. It was always one of my favorites. It’s just a simple radio-friendly pop/indie rock song, fused with Americana elements. The song is about being in the dumps and not knowing where to turn. When Murphy’s Law creeps up on you, and you feel helpless.

“Stay Forever” – This is a song about writing people off (in a good way). There are a lot of individuals out there who for some reason like to keep ties with people that have no benefit in their lives anymore. Wether it be something they did emotionally, physically, broke trust, ended a relationship, whatever. “Stay Forever” is just a no-bullshit anthem that lets you know that people will come and go.

“It’s Only Gonna Break Your Heart” – This song is about not putting all your eggs in one basket, not giving people you just meet your full trust or your full YOU. People should earn it

“Late Night Everythings” – This was one of the funnest little folk songs to write. It’s about dreaming about your “fire” (that left you a long time ago), and waking up believing it’s real. Whatever your “fire” may be; a friend, a lover, a mother, a father, a musical instrument, etc. I’ve always hated that feeling in the morning.

“Josephine” (ft. Elle Puckett) – “Josephine” was a fun song to write. I wanted this song in particular to contain a folk-like duet, and have a knee-slapping bluegrass vibe to it. The first person I could think of to fit the bill for the female vocal harmonies was Elle Puckett (Poema). Elle did a perfect job in executing what I had in mind. This song lyrically is about a fictional (meets a little bit of non-fiction) cliche and nostalgic love story that didn’t last (aka Taylor Swift would love it). A song about a beautiful summer, but was recorded during a gloomy winter so to speak. I also wanted to write about an emotion that most people have felt and can relate with….and then came “Josephine.”

“Long West” – This originally was going to be the closing track to the album. As cliche as it sounds, the song is about the definition of the word ‘love,’ and what it means to different people. Sometimes you just have to let your walls down and let people in, and know that there is no way to live alone (without someone by your side).

“Rockets” – This is my favorite track on the album. This song was inspired by the ending scene of the movie Blue Valentine, fused with a personal scenario. If you haven’t seen it, YouTube the trailer (or the end scene), put your volume on mute, and play “Rockets” while watching it!

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