Devo Crowdfunds Live Concert Film, ‘DEVO – Hardcore Live’


Devo needs your help. The weird rockers of the red ziggurat-shaped hats are making a live concert film, with the assistance of filmmaker Keirda Bahruth, called DEVO – Hardcore Live. On their current ‘Hardcore Tour,’ the band is diving back into the annals of their music to the very beginning of their life as a band.

They filmed a performance from June 28 at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California which will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and vinyl and PledgeMusic backers get all sorts of behind-the-scenes goodies. So far, they’ve met 19% of their funding goal and there’s 57 days left to pledge. Be sure to check out the film trailer on their PledgeMusic page and support the legendary band.

On the movie’s PledgeMusic page, Gerald Casale writes:

…we are in the midst of our Hardcore Devo tour playing the seminal, experimental songs we created in basements and garages in Akron Ohio between 1974 and 1977. We have not played most of these songs that pre-dated any fame or record contracts since that time. In order to honor our fallen comrade, Bob “Bob 2” Casale we decided to follow through on his idea to resurrect the initial creative efforts that brought us all together as a band in time where we came of age and prevailed against all odds.

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