REQUIRED LISTENING: Bailiff – “Golden Hour”


Looking for a Tuesday morning indie rock fix? Look no further. Bailiff, one of Chicago’s finest up-and-coming acts, is crafting some of the best outright rock music released this year. The new single, “Golden Hour,” which premiered exclusively on Guitar World last month, is a tune that grooves seamlessly through verses and choruses, leaving the listener addicted and wanting more.

Not too flashy, but not so dry that the listener wants to walk away, the single is one of those songs that could catch fire in the indie rock world and take over radio waves any day now. Guitarist and vocalist Josh Siegel told Guitar World this about the single:

We are a trio but we love the sound of a big gang of singers chanting a melody, so I used the guitar part to mimic that sound. Our producer told us we needed a real uptempo track to contrast the more somber song that we’d already written for the Remise II EP, so we made a point to keep ‘Golden Hour’ brisk and heavy. I’d read somewhere that the term ‘Golden Hour’ refers to the small window of time you’ve got after a major injury to get medical help. I talked with Owen about having that phrase stuck in my head and we sat down later in the week and collaborated on the lyrics to finish this one up.

Click the “Read More” button to jam the new track today and be on the look out for the band’s new EP, Remise II, due out this October.

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