Xerxes Stream “Chestnut Street” From ‘Collision Blonde’


La Dispute meets Drug Church in a new, very No Sleep-esque jam from Louisville, KY’s Xerxes. Honoring “an influential strip of road” from Calvin Philley’s younger days, the vocalist recently explained to Spin that “Chestnut Street” was an area where he spent some time around the age of 21 and “began and ended a few relationships that were pretty formative in the ways that [he views] love and sex and being.”

Those notions are wholly present in the emotional vocal delivery and the overall tone of the song, which you can stream below.

The band’s new album, Collision Blonde, is set to release on October 21 through No Sleep Records and is sure to be a complete downer of a time as the band promises “a lyrical wreck that’s driven by love, drugs, depression.” Pre-orders are available now.

Collision Blonde track list:

01. I Was Wrong
02. Criminal, Animal
03. A Toast
04. Knife
05. Use As Directed
06. Chestnut Street
07. Collision Blonde
08. Exit 123
09. (but here we are)
10. Nosedive

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