Joey Bada$$ Sets The Bar With “Big Dusty”

joey badass

Simply put, Joey Bada$$ is easily one of the most underrated up-and-coming rappers in the game currently, and after a few killer mixtapes — both solo and with his Pro Era collective — the 19-year-old New Yorker is finally set to drop his debut LP, B4.Da.$$, via Cinematic Music Group/RED Distribution sometime later this year.

Produced by Kirk Knight, “Big Dusty” has a smooth, lounge-like vibe backing nearly five whole minutes of Joey absolutely owning the mic, with a voice and delivery far beyond his years. Once B4.Da.$$ drops later in 2014, Kendrick’s notorious “king of New York” line in Big Sean’s “Control” may be nothing more than a distant memory, if not forgotten altogether.

Stream “Big Dusty” after the break and check out what Joey Bada$$ shared with Oyster Colored Velvet recently about the forthcoming debut.

You can definitely expect to get to know me better, know my story. The album really dives into my character and shows my fans who I am, where I came from. There’s an in-depth character to all sides of Joey Bada$$ that I’m looking at with this album. Ever since I came out with my 1999 project, then I hit them with my second project Summer Knights, people started to notice the contrast in my music. 1999 was my happier, younger side, and Summer Knights showed my darker side. B4.Da.$$ explores the contrast of them and basically let’s you know why I am the way I am. It’s important to switch it up. You can’t always come out with the same shit. I like to recreate myself with every project that I make. You know what I’m saying.? I try to remain different and versatile.

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