UTG Premiere: Forever After – “Twenty Two”

Forever After Promo 2

There are few things in life as fun and endlessly enjoyable as new music discovery. The thrill one feels sifting through a pile of records they have never heard is unlike anything else I have experienced on this planet, and every single time I have the opportunity to hunt for something great I walk away believing in at least one new band’s power to rise through the underground ranks. This week, that band is Forever After, and today we have the good fortune of premiering a previously unreleased track from the band titled “Twenty Two.”

Hailing from Essex, pop rock outfit Forever After have spent the last two years making a name for themselves on the international stage. Their third EP, Just Another Year, is set for release on August 25, and earlier this week our staff had an opportunity to listen to an advance stream of the record. Upon doing so, we immediately fell in love with “Twenty Two,” which we then asked to premiere. The band said yes, and now we’re pleased to present the world with this fantastic exclusive:

Inspired by a plethora of musical backgrounds, Forever After – completed by guitarist Sam Byford, bassist Harry Stokley and drummer Craig McQueen – have spiced Just Another Year with suitable diversity. “We all have different influences, from grunge to folk, blues to pop punk and metal. So, we wanted to write a EP that we felt had a little bit of each influence in it,” says Littler The 5 track offering was produced and engineered by Grant Berry and Sam Thompson of UK pop punk stalwarts Me Vs. Hero, who were heavily involved with the refining process, with Dom recalling that “Sam almost completely changed a whole track 24 hours before going into the recording studio… So that was fun!”

We’re working with Forever After to bring you more content in the weeks ahead. For now, comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Twenty Two.”

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