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Grand Rapids, Michigan hard rock outfit Fine Fine Titans have quickly become one of the most talked about unsigned bands of 2014. Between their recently released Omega EP, as well as many performances across our great nation, this group has everything going for them and show no signs of slowing their climb to the top of rock’s underground anytime soon.

Today, we are excited and honored to continue sharing a series of tour blogs the band has agreed to write for UTG during their current string of dates. The second entry, which covers time spent in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, can be found below.

Heavy Hearts and Bright Eyes

We’ve reached now the 7th day on tour and in the middle of dealing with the scuzziest motel we have ever rested our heads in. Tonight, Connecticut will deliver better things than this, we know, but right now it’s hard to unsee the clump of hair jammed in the door latch in our bathroom or the cluster of spider bites that suddenly appeared on Brent’s arm. I don’t even want to know what happened to those sheets or why the motel wouldn’t replace a crushed lampshade when they cost a measly price of $5.00. No one ever said that touring in a mid-level band (is that what we are?) would be glamourous. However, let me back up a little…

During a wonderful day off at King’s Island, the guys made fun of me as I silently laughed on the water rides and attempted to speak nonverbally while on vocal rest. The chlorine hit us hard and while we flailed and scampered with child-like grins through the water, we forgot for a minute why we were even on the road in the first place. The following day, regardless of excessive sun exposure, we felt refreshed in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. We delivered a decent set and met some wonderful musicians and fans. The venue, The Champ, was decorated in skeleton paintings and slathered in stickers from bands who had previously taken stake there…just like any good venue should be. The next morning, we scurried off to meet a few friends at CI Records in just a few towns away. We then indulged in a few incredible donuts, picked up a few records, some Fake Life Clothing items and bid adieu to our friends.

I left off on the last tour entry discussing how things and people are never quite what they seem. We had no idea, but probably could have guessed, that the lesson would continue on that very same night. On Sunday evening, our third stop on tour, we were brought to a house to perform a few songs for some nice ladies and gentlemen. Upon arrival, the neighborhood was a site to see. With many homes abandoned, windows busted, and what appeared to be inoperative motor vehicles scattered about the long grass and fragmented gravel, there was still a feeling of life in the air. We were embraced warmly by the owner of the house, being introduced to his friends and family nearly before we could even climb out of the van. Stories were generously divulged and hearts opened up us, despite how tight knit they were as a group. If we were outsiders 5 minutes down the road, we were suddenly family the minute they locked eyes with us.

The night went on and the band Death Broker, a metal band from Hamilton, Ohio, were raging on. There was a true feeling of excitement in the air when the band’s former vocalist, Anthony Blankenship, took his passion to the microphone after six long years. The house was raging and Anthony was having such a fantastic time that suddenly things took a turn for the worse. When the vocalist collapsed mid song, the ambulances rushed to the house and carried him away to the hospital. We were all left in utter shock with Anthony’s friends and family in panic. With heavy hearts, we were asked to carry on for Anthony’s sake when we all finally caught our breath. We knew that these people, so generous, so kind and so caring needed to be lifted up…so we tried to give them the best performance we could. Knowing not that we could save Anthony but in attempt to at least help his family and friends be alleviated from their worries for a short 30 minutes.

Perspective can be changed in an instant. Reliving this incident suddenly makes a filthy motel room seem trivial and shortsighted. We are so incredibly lucky to be on the road. To be living our dream and to meet so many wonderful people along the way. I can’t help but to wonder what else we can change about ourselves to make living a little easier for everyone else.

We can start by appreciating every breath that we have.

We are keeping Anthony in our hearts as he is still in the hospital. Stay strong, Titan. <3



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