Smashing Pumpkins Share ‘Adore’ Outtake of “Let Me Give The World To You”


In addition to putting out a new album with Mötley Crüe’s drummer, the Smashing Pumpkins are reissuing their 1998 LP Adore this year to the happy applause of thousands of fans. The release will come with a bunch of bonus material, and today we get to peek at what that includes.

One of the album session’s unreleased songs, “Let Me Give The World To You,” sees its world premiere today. Technically the band put the single out several years down the road on Machina II, but this outtake sounds way different from that version. In terms of album placement, it sounds more like a forgotten Mellon Collie track than the darker depths of Adore‘s materialIt’s got us curious what else we can expect when the whole box set drops on September 23. Go ahead and pre-order it here.

Listen below:

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