Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve And Discover Ben Cooling’s “Breathe Again”


I don’t know about you, but I am forever a sucker for any catchy sad song led by acoustic guitar. Something about those six steel strings being strummed up and down stabs me right in the feels every damn time, and if you feel the same, I may have just stumbled across your new favorite artist.

Ben Cooling has been making a name for himself as a solo artist since 2012, but he’s been active within the music industry for well over a decade. His latest single, “Breathe Again,” is taken from an EP titled To Hell With Consequences, which hit stores earlier this year. The lyrics contain a message of empowerment, urging the listener to not be constrained by regrets, and to acknowledge that things that seem important in the present might hold you back from doing something truly remarkable in the future. The video mirrors this idea, with a tale of someone taking it upon themselves to chase the dreams they’ve held close for so long. You can view the video below:

I’ve got to be honest and tell you that I had never heard of Ben Cooling before a press release featuring this song hit my inbox earlier today. That said, I’ve quickly fallen for his take on contemporary folk, and I’ve got a feeling he could very well be the next big thing in certain parts of the music industry.

“Breathe Again” will be given a proper promotional push beginning September 8. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Cooling and his music.

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