The Acacia Strain Announce ‘Coma Witch,’ Release “Cauterizer” Music Video


I woke up with Robin Williams on my mind, and I knew if I was going to shake the funk I felt myself falling into I would need a little help from the world of music. Thankfully, The Acacia Strain have returned to remind us all that the idea of our impending doom can be pretty damn entertaining.

Two years have passed since The Acacia Strain released Death Is The Only Mortal, and in that time the majority of heavy music has become pretty weak. The chugs are still there, as are the broken hearts, but no one is saying anything we haven’t heard before. I don’t know if TAS heard our cries of boredom or not, but late last night they surprised fans worldwide by announcing plans to release a new album titled Coma Witch on October 14. Pre-orders are now live, as is the video for a new single titled “Cauterizer.” You can view the clip below:

Here are the lyrics for “Cauterizer”:

I saw the sun collapse upon itself
there is no use,
don’t cry for help.
there is no solace here
run in terror
hide in fear
we are all marked for death
fight off the swarm as you struggle to stay warm
no mercy for you and no time left to mourn
forever dusk
as you choke on toxic dust
struggle to survive
no one is lucky to be alive
as we all disconnect from the sun we ingest
arranged to deploy
equipped to destroy
we were born to be unloved
let the seas run red with blood
hope and pray for no tomorrow
it doesn’t have to be like this
blink your eyes you don’t exist
the earth will swallow us whole
we are the orphans of a deathbed mother
when the night took her final breath
beneath the gloom of pestilence will suffer
continue on into the arms of death
surrender to the shroud
no warning
no countdown
all will burn beneath the shadow of the cloud
surrender to the shroud

I think it’s safe to say The Acacia Strain have only grown more aggressive in time, and that’s exactly what fans want. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Cauterizer” and whether or not you plan to pick up Coma Witch when it arrives in stores on October 14.

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  • Brian Lion

    Meh, I think the stuff on Above / Below was way better. This is pretty standard TAS.

  • sxm

    Yeah, sounds like a poor man’s version of Above to me.