Watch Trash Talk Destroy A Quadcopter Drone Camera With A Beer Can Mid-Show

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Detroit is a weird place where it seems absolutely anything can happen at any time. Somedays this means there is a flood unlike anything the city has ever seen, and other times it means an internationally recognized punk band break a drone camera in the middle of a concert. This is a story about the latter.

This past week, Trash Talk were performing at a skateboarding event in Detroit. During their set, one event photographer launched a quadcopter drone camera to catch a few new perspectives on the show. He started at the back of the venue, but before the show was through he moved up to the photo pit and decided to launch his camera over the stage. There, just as a song was ending, Trash Talk bassist Spencer Pollard hurled a beer can into the sky and knocked the drone to the ground. It broke, and now the photographer who was controlling the flying craft is venting his frustrations online. As we learned from PetaPixel:

While filming a national skateboarding event in Detroit on Saturday, drone photographer Harry Arnold of Detroit Drone had his RC copter knocked out of the sky and broken by a punk rock bass player who decided to throw things at the UAV after finishing a song.

Arnold was hired to film the Zumiez Best Foot Forward indoor skateboarding event by the event’s promoter, but apparently the promoter didn’t let the punk rock band Trash Talk know that this would be happening… or that it’s rude to break other people’s things.

Moments after his drone — which he designed and built himself from various kit and RC modeler parts — and GoPro took to the skies over the stage, bassist Spencer Pollard set his gear down and began chucking things at the drone, eventually knocking it out of the sky. As you can see in the video above, it lands with a rather cringe-inducing crunch.

The promoter behind the skateboarding event has allegedly agreed to pay for the damages to Arnold’s quadcopter, but at this point no money has exchanged hands. Trash Talk have not commented on the incident, but now that news and video is beginning to spread, they may release a statement. We’ll keep you updated if/when that happens. For now, you can view a video of the mid-air beer can collision below.

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