Joey Bada$$ Releases Video For “Big Dusty”

joey badass

Joey Bada$$‘ debut LP is on its way, and B4DA$$ needs to be on your radar. Let “Big Dusty” prove my point.

One week ago, Joey Bada$$ unveiled his brand new, 5-minute single that we’ve spun countless times since. The 19-year-old, NY-based emcee is on a roll following various mixtapes and work with his Pro Era affiliates, and if “Big Dusty” is any sort of indication, the rapper’s debut is going to be all sorts of epic and newsworthy.

Bada$$ has now released a video accompaniment for the Kirk Knight-produced cut, which you can view below the jump. It’s dark and street-heavy as we follow Joey and his entourage chillin’ around the city, more or less performing the track.

You can purchase “Big Dusty” on iTunes as you await the release of B4DA$$ this Fall.

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