The Killing Lights Release “Lies Spread Like Fire” Music Video

The Killing Lights 2014

Michael Vampire, best known as the frontman for Vampires Everywhere!, has decided the time has come to try something new. After spending the better part of the last decade traveling the country as the bucket list worthy one night stand of goth girls’ dreams, the man behind one of the worst Nirvana covers of all time has found a new band and sound that seems poised to explode in the months ahead.

The Killing Lights are a band that has only existed in the public conscious for about a month. Today, our friends at Revolver introduced the world to the group’s look with the world premiere of their debut music video. The song, titled “Spread Lies Like Fire,” packs a post-hardcore punch that goes straight for the throat and shows absolutely no sympathy. It’s a crushing, driving track that builds and builds to a anthemic hook that lingers long after the song has come to an end. You can view the song’s Will Da Rosa directed video below:

“I am beyond excited to finally release the ‘Lies Spread Like Fire’ video,” said Michael. “We all fight our own demons from time to time, and this is about standing up after the fight. We wanted to keep it as raw as possible, which I feel we achieved using L.A. street culture as the main storyline and aesthetic. This video is for all the fans and people that have stuck with me this past year. Together we will change everything.”

The Killing Lights have plans to self-release their debut, self-produced EP for free sometime in September. They will play their first shows on September 20 at the Sunset Music Festival in L.A. and October 4th in Anaheim. After that, the group plans to tour constantly through the end of the year with an eye on releasing a full-length album in 2015. Who knows? They may even find a label by then.

Comment below and let us know if you think The Killing Lights have what it takes to create a sustainable career in the modern music industry.

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